Am i the only one thinking that the scenes happen in this order?

Because first we have Elena with different clothes in the first and third pic and then because we don’t have any Damon picture in the graduation :/

For me they realize that and they try to contact him and somehow Elena goes to the boarding house and finds him because she seems worried in the last picture … something could of happen to him during the graduation :S

Well, we’ve come across one deceased character who appears to be returning for the season finale!

It’s … Alaric Saltzman!


Damon/Elena + light season 4 scenes

it doesn’t matter anymore because i don’t care

“The May 16 climax finds Rebekah “just trying like hell to graduate and have that true-life human experience,” previews EP Julie Plec. But perhaps she should be more concerned about this teaser from Plec: “We’ll get a surprise visit from at least one more Original.””

Anything new on the season finale of The Vampire Diaries? (x)


I don’t know, maybe this is the better version of me

“MAY 16 SEASON FINALE | Once again, a supernatural crisis gets in the way of what should be a happy occasion: Graduation Day for the Mystic Falls seniors. The cure will be ingested, and “the implications of what that means will be a great story to tell next year,” previews Plec, who adds that the hour will close with two cliffhangers that will “send the show spinning in a whole new direction.” Change is also in store for the series’ core trio. “We will know, when the finale is over, where everyone stands in the context of the Stefan/Damon/Elena triangle,” reveals the EP. “It will definitely set all three of them on a very different and interesting path when we move forward.” Lest you think that means the episode is all about heartbreak and breakups, the EP says that “when all is said and done, it’s got some pretty good romantic moments.” And some goodbyes? “I cannot comment on permanent deaths, but I will say there will be lots of destruction,” replies Plec.”

(x) TVLine (via pethrovafire)